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Children’s Eye Exams

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Your child’s vision is integral to their development. Children rely on their vision to learn and play, and if they can’t see properly, they may not be able to reach their full potential. Regular eye exams are a critical tool used to ensure that your child’s vision is clear and their eyes are healthy.

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Childhood Vision Problems

Children, especially young children, aren’t always able to accurately communicate that something is wrong, so it is up to parents and other caregivers to monitor their children and look for signs of trouble. If your child is experiencing vision problems, it is imperative that these issues are identified and corrected as soon as possible, to minimize their impact on your child’s development.

Untreated vision problems can hinder your child’s ability to learn effectively, potentially impacting their development both inside and outside the classroom.

Your child may be experiencing vision problems if they:

  • Have a misaligned eye
  • Squint frequently
  • Rub their eyes frequently or blink excessively
  • Have a short attention span when doing detailed tasks
  • Avoid reading or doing other up-close activities
  • Frequently lose their place while reading
  • Complain of frequent headaches
  • Complain of double vision
  • Frequently cover one eye
  • Frequently tilt their head to one side

If you suspect your child may be experiencing vision problems you should make an appointment with their optometrist as soon as possible.

Children’s Eye Exam Schedule

The American Optometric Association recommends that children undergo their first eye exam between the ages of 6 and 12 months old. Children should see their optometrist a second time between the ages of 3 and 5 years old, and have at least one more eye exam before they begin kindergarten.

Your child should have eye exams with an optometrist annually once they begin school. However, depending on your child’s unique visual needs, your optometrist may recommend that they undergo eye exams more frequently than once per year.

When was your child’s last eye exam?

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